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Other Art

A small selection of portraits & other pictures.
I no longer take commisions for portraits, but can't resist showing a few of them here.
They are not for sale.

Click on a picture to enlarge the image. Then click on either side of the enlarged picture to scroll back or forth.

Sunshine Smiler portrait thumbnail   Pretty in Pink portrait thumbnail   Cutie Pie portrait thumbnail   Flower Girl portrait thumbnail
Sunshine Smile
A4 head & shoulders
  Pretty in Pink
A4 head & shoulders
  Cutie Pie
A4 head & shoulders
  Flower Girl
A4 head & shoulders
Freddie dog portrait thumbnail   Lily flower drawing thumbnail   Rose flower drawing thumbnail   Dean Winchester from Supernatural TV show drawing thumbnail
Pet portrait
  Lily in Pink
Flower illustration
  Roses Petals
Flower illustration
  Dean Winchester:
TV Show Supernatural
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