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Ilustrated Name Prints


"Illustrated Name Prints" are created from my own original illustrations. Each illustration has been hand drawn by myself using professional quality artist pencils.

I have a library of these letters and pictures which I combine digitally, to create almost any name to order as a beautiful print.

They are an ideal and creative gift, whether it is a traditional or (especially!) an unusual name. For a birthday, Christmas, or Christening present, order your child's name, now!



Names are printed onto Epson A4 Matte 192gsm paper with long lasting Epson pigment inks. They are then ready for you to have mounted and framed. They are supplied in a cellophane bag with a cardboard backing, so they are sturdy to handle until they are framed.

Generally speaking, I have a limit of nine letters to a name. If a name is too long to fit on the A4 paper I work with (21cm x 29.7cm), then I reduce the letter size down so that it fits comfortably. However, very long names could end up quite small, which is why I have the general rule of no more than nine letters.

If you have a special request, such as a longer name, or a first and second name, let me know, and I may still be able to help.

Note, I ask that you leave it to me to choose the colours and illustrations which are used in the picture. From a design point of view, some images work best with certain letters and colours.

However, again, If you have any special requests, do email me, and we may be able to sort something out.

To order an illustrated name, email me your details to:
and I will get back to you asap!

(Delete the "anti-spam" part of the address).



You can see some samples of Illustrated Names below.
Click to enlarge.

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Chloe name thumbnail

Daniel thumbnail
Emily name thumbnail

Hugh name thunbnail

Jack name thumbnail

Lily thumbnail

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